Curriculum Vitae for Mohamed Lamin Soh

Mohamed Lamin Soh worked with the German Aid Agency GTZ in Sierra Leone from 2002 until 2004 mainly in the area of International Services, Gender and Child protection unit. In his capacity as Project Head, he was also Head Instructor at the Technical Training Centre For Ex- combatants and community youths where he adminstered all affairs of the training centre, ensuring that all staff perform their duties accordingly. He conducted and spearheaded staff meetings and held workshops, monitored and evaluate performance of support adminstrative and training staff. He also wrote and submitted weekly and monthly technical report to the overall program Co-ordinator. Mohamed also served as the laison between the staff and the Programme Manager/Co-ordinator. He assisted the Programme Manager/Co-ordinator in recruiting and transferring of staff.

In 1995--MAY 1997 Mohamed Lamin Soh became the Personal Assistant To The Interim National Electoral Commissioner, Nothern Province, during the run-off to the first Democratic Presidential elections in Sierra Leone. His ability to research,write and speak clearly, intelligently and effectively in both French and English Languages, and his openess to information sharing makes him an added asset to iEARN Sierra Leone's programs objectives. Having served as a mentor and adviser to the iEARN Sierra Leone National Coordinate for several years, it is worthy to have him on board as a full staff and an experienced hand in promoting the programs objectives of education through technology for war affected children and youth.

In 1997--May 2001 he was recruited to work with Marie Needy Child International (MANCI), a German Based NGO in Conakry Guinea, and became the (MANCI) Youth Co-ordinator. During his tenure as a youth Leader, he co-ordinated several activities of the Youth counseling centre and conduct Youth leadership training programmes for youth peer counselors and outreach facilitators. At the same time, he participated in the organizing educational events for children and youths and prepared proposals for fund-raising aimed at supporting children and youths.

Importantly, Mohamed Lamin Soh had facilitated a number of training and sensitization workshops in Sierra Leone and around the world ranging from human rights, gender and child protection, and youth advocacy. His profound interest in helping children and youth in crisis situations and working with them to transform their lives, as well as his commitment to such issues as the environment, technology's impact on society, conflict diamonds, and peace advocacy are indispensible to the growth of iEARN Sierra Leone.