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iEARN Centre For
Education And Technology
Flat 1, National Stadium Hostel
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Phone: 00232-76-654282
Fax: 00232-22-224439


National Coordinator,
International Program Director:
Jane Peters.
Regional Head, iEARN SL Kono District:
Paul Pessima
iEARN Youth Representative, Kono:
Francis Lebi
Training and Technical Team Leader

Administrative Assistant:
Former Music Director:
Acting Music Director:
Teacher Facilitator - HIV/AIDS Project:
Teacher Facilitator:

Consultants and Interns 

2005-6 International Intern:
Heather Avery
Anti Drug Abuse Campaign Intern:
Dauda Sandy
Program Consultants:
Edwin Gragart, iEARN USA
William Belsey, iEARN Canada
Information Systems Consultant:
Yusif Karama
Development Consultant:
Marilyn Tadros, VirtualActivism USA
Leigh Anne Sippel
Web Consultant:
Mayumi Zelechoski

Board of Directors

Mr. Abdul Karim Sesay
Andrew Benson Greene, Jr.
Legal Advisor:
Mohamed Pa-Momo Fofanah, Esq.
Alimu Bah
Mrs. Iyesha Josiah
Myretta J. Tucker, Esq.

National Coordinator of i*EARN Sierra Leone

Andrew Benson Greene, Jr.

Andrew Greene holds a B.A. with concentrations in English, Civil Law, and International Relations from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

Andrew was drawn to the children of Sierra Leone following the 10+ year conflict raging within his country.

Andrew founded the Sierra Leone branch of iEARN as a response to the great need to rehabilitate and enhance opportunities for the children who have endured this conflict.

Andrew Greene has hosted many workshops on the following themes:

  • Peace, War, and Reconciliation
  • Child Soldiers and the Impact of Light Weaponry
  • Tele-collaboration for Peace

Andrew was chosen by McGill University for the prestigious and exclusive Suave Scholarship for the year 2004-5. Andrew will spend this next year in Montreal working with others in the areas of peacemaking and leadership.

Speeches & Publications

If you would like to talk with Andrew Greene or arrange for him to speak at your institution, please send an email to

The following links show examples of Andrew Greene's work, writing, and mission:

Digital Opportunity Channel
Youth Can Conference
"My Hands Will Attend," Taking It Global

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Regional Head, iEARN SL Kono District

Mohamed Lamin Soh

Mohamed Lamin Soh is a native Sierra Leonean with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Social Studies, Honours in Sociology, from Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone (1995). Mohamed Lamin Soh also holds a Certificate in Project Development from the Institute of Public Adminstration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone.

Curriculum Vitae for Mohamed Lamin Soh

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Former Music Director

Rashid Peters

Rashid is a second year University student majoring in Linguistics studies at Njala University College in Sierra Leone.

This vibrant, young peace advocate, song writer, and human rights activist has translated his own first-hand experience of war into melodious tunes of campaigns against violence. These songs were the subject of national broadcast in the local Voice of Democracy radio in Sierra Leone for many months following the restoration of Sierra Leone's democracy.

Rashid's songs are therapeutic to the heart, soul, mind and body of children his age, who

have endured so much violence and hardship and they provide methods for healing from war-induced trauma.

Rashid is a prominent member of i*EARN SL, having presented at the iEARN 8th Annual International Teacher's conference and 5th Annual Youth Summit. Rashid's music has also been adopted by the US-based Children's Music Network (CMN).

In addition, Rashid is a regular contributor to Junior Summit, an international online journal for Juniors at

Songs and Musical Projects

Rashid Peters is available for collaboration on musical projects. Please contact him at

The Positive Music Project

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Community Relations Officer

Abdul J. Kamanda

Abdul Joseph Kamanda is a former teacher at the George Brook Community
School, Freetown that caters to economically disadvantaged children who cannot afford charges in the formal school setting. He is very steadfast and dedicated in helping them acquire useful knowledge and skills.

Abdul holds a Diploma in Human Resource Development obtained through distance learning from the Institute of Commercial Management in Bournmouth, England. This program

is made possible through the Institute of Modern Management and Accountancy in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Abdul facilitates IEARN Sierra Leone’s community outreach activities including school outreach. He has been very instrumental in boosting the ICT skills of youths working with iEARN Sierra Leone. He was very active in IEARN Sierra Leone’s Child Soldier projects.

Abdul is married with a beautiful daughter.

Projects & Interests

Abdul Joseph Kamanda can be contacted by email at

or by land mail at

21A George Brook Dwarzark
Farm, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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Training and Technical Team Leader and Information Systems Consultant

Yusif Karama

Thanks to the wonderful work of Yusif Karama and his crew of iEARN Sierra Leone Volunteer Technical Training Staff, the Recycled Computers got from ComputerAid International are in motion!

Yusif Karama is a native Sierra Leonean who speaks English and two local languages fluently. He is the Co-Founder of the Canally Computer Training Centre (1996), established as a response to the pressing need to assist young college graduates who, as a result of a great economic decline and instability, had no prior contact with Information Technology to hone computer skills.

Yusif's untiring commitment to volunteering with iEARN-Sierra Leone as a strategic Training and Technical Team Leader has kept the life-blood of the organization's technology wing flowing.

Yusif Karama is a passionate speaker when it comes to advocating for the use of
Information technology in schools as a potent force for social change and economic development. He has delivered several speeches at iEARN certification ceremonies, Taking Information Technology (TIG) events in Freetown, and at various fora. He is available for speeches and contracts in related disciplines.

Curriculum Vitae for Yusif Karama

Projects & Interests

Yusif Karama can be reached at

Available for speeches and contracts in related disciplines.

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Emile Toby

Bio coming soon

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2005-6 International Intern

Heather Avery

Heather hails from Toronto, Canada, where she has worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as an assignment editor, graphics producer, associate producer of documentaries and senior writer. She spent a year in the Northwest Territories producing the local news for the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. In addition, Ms. Avery has also done a bit of television and radio reporting and has produced some television specials and documentaries.

Heather comes to Sierra Leone mindful of its past, having viewed Cry Freetown , Sorious Samura's award-winning 1999 documentary about the civil war and atrocities in Sierra Leone. Heather's goals are to learn more about how Sierra Leone is pulling itself out of its past and building upon its future through an investment in youth. She is very excited about this opportunity. Read more about Heather Avery here.

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Anti Drug Abuse Campaign (ADAC) Project Intern

Dauda Sandy


Dauda Sandy is a volunteer intern working with iEARN Sierra Leone and a facilitator of the Anti Drug Abuse Campaign Project. Himself a former victim, Dauda is determined to ward off the spirit of drug abuse by sharing his knowledge and creativity with Sierra Leone youth. Dauda interviews and connects with local community members to spread his message.

Dauda Sandy is a final year student of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. He is studying International Relations and Public Administration with additional focus in Contemporary Issues in World History and Problems of Nation Building. Dauda's world issues background and his skills in interpersonal communication help to faciliate the ADAC project.

Projects & Interests

Dauda Sandy is available for symposia, workshops, and collaboration. He can be reached at

Anti Drug Abuse Campaign (ADAC)

Community Outreach to the Brookfields Community of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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(photo coming soon)

Teacher Facilitator, Government Secondary Technical School

Mohamed Keifala

Mohamed Keifala is a Language Arts teacher at the Government Secondary Technical School in Freetown and serves as one of iEARN Sierra Leone's Teacher Facilitators.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) degree in Linguistics from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone and has been a teacher as well as human rights advocate since he graduated from college.

Apart from significantly contributing toward developing iEARN Sierra Leone's Creative and Language Arts Programmes, Mr Keifala has been very instrumental in the field of Human Rights advocacy where he has developed key interest.

He is among the most active members of Manifesto "99, an indigenous human rights organization, especially in the area of monitoring.

In the field of Drama, he has immensely contributed towards building the capacity of colleague teachers as well as his students, including iEARN Sierra Leone's Youth.

He can be contacted on +232 76 631537.


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