iEARN SL's Partnerships

Our sponsors are important to us and deserve your support.

Children's Music Network
Computer Aid International
Defence for Children International
My Hero
Rap 4 Rights
Virtual Activism
WH Country Day School
WarChild Canada

iEARN Centre For
Education And Technology
Flat 1, National Stadium Hostel
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Phone: 00232-76-654282
Fax: 00232-22-224439

What Computer Aid International did for us

Thanks to iEARN USA's Ed Gragert, we were able to get in touch with Computer Aid International, a charitable organization who has recently donated 10 recycled computers for a local community access centre.

Our major challenge now is to get these computers connected to the internet on a regular basis and have our youths participate in the sharing of ideas with peers around the world. This will help us create a youth community access centre which would serve as the principal information window to the world for our community's war-affected youths and underprivileged children. It would help them participate in online educational activities, interact with other children around the world, and acquire the vast array of ICT skills that to date have been lacking in developing countries like Sierra Leone.

Thanks to Computer Aid International, our goals are becoming realized.

What Virtual Activism did for us

Virtual Activism helps organizations like ours with much-needed web support. Through Virtual Activism, we are beginning an exciting project focused on the reconciliation of peace. This highly interactive and collaborative project will be comprised of stories from our youths as well as their hopes and suggestions for creating a more peaceful planet.

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What W.H. Day Elementary School did for us

Through Jim Carlton's on-going support to the development of the iEARN Sierra Leone centre, we were able to secure additional funds to get a digital video camera. This camera was used in the production of the new film 'My Lat Hope' by the young people of iEARN Sierra Leone.

The 2003 New Media movie entitled 'My Last Hope' illustrates how young people of war-torn countries such as Sierra Leone face enormous challenges of healing from trauma related to war, HIV/AIDS, and unemployment. To these young people, education through information technology and new media is their last hope and iEARN Sierra Leone has braced itself to offer these possibilities.

A shortlisted winner in the 2003 Listen Up project 'Beyond Borders,' the team of young film makers are now moving forward to utilizing the video camera to produce short stories of how they grapple with fear and build security around that fear.

The on-going support to connect more of the computers onto the internet is made possible through Jim and his WH Day Elementary School. We are grateful to Jim and WH Day, and we hope you will give them your support.

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What Children's Music Network did for us

In the 1980s, like-minded teachers, performers, songwriters, radio hosts, and parents who cared about the quality and content of children's music established The Children's Music Network (CMN) -- a nonprofit association that now has members across the United States and Canada. Browsing through the various iEARN projects a few years ago, Phil Hoose of Children's Music Network was moved by the interactions amongst the youths in Sierra Leone with peers around the world on the issue of child soldiering. When asked what projects he will like to support, he chose to give financial support to the iEARN Sierra Leone/iEARN Canada-based tele-collaborative project.

CMN now stays in touch with the young people of iEARN Sierra Leone to share songs and ideas about children's music, to inspire each other about the empowering ways adults and young people can communicate through music, and to build friendship and solidarity through these interactions. We are grateful to CMN for their contributions, and we hope you will give them your support as well.

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Plan Netherlands Rap4Rights Initiative

This powerful and creative initiative is committed to a tireless global campaign of making the issue of children’s rights known. Using rap music and social activism, Plan Netherlands targets politicians and educates them about the need to restore the dignity of children, the rights of the child and the rights of humanity as a whole. In the process, participants are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others.

Under the title ‘Rap for Rights’ a number of 'rising' Dutch rappers travel to Africa, Asia and Latin America to make contact with children living in extreme circumstances. The rappers’ tour includes, among other countries, Indonesia, Honduras, and Guinea where they meet child workers, war affected youth, child soldiers, and youth gangs.

Plan Netherlands Rap4Rights Initiative sponsored a visit of Dutch youth to Sierra Leone from March 27th to April 3rd of 2004.

They met with youths of i*EARN Sierra Leone to collaborate, create music, and explore themes of hope, recovery, rehabilitation, trauma healing, HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution, human rights and peace building.

Mr. Ajibu Ajeebs Kabbah, Guidiance Councellor, who led his Music Group 'Peace Links', to the Hague Appeal For Peace Conference in 'The Hague' Holland was also Guest of Honour at the speacial meeting with Gaart Van Asbech 'Coordinator' Rap4Rights Plan Netherlands.

Aided and inspired by the famous Dutch Rap Artist RAMZTER from Holland, the I*EARN SL Music Team was treated to a scintillating display of Rap songs and took part in a unique musical session known as “Rap for Rights!”

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What My Hero did for us

MY HERO is a partner of iEARN Sierra Leone helping to spread the message of the Project and supporting the growth and development of the iEARN Youth Center in Sierra Leone.

Thanks to MY HERO, the center will have temporary internet connection to facilitate a collaborative project for iEARN SL youths.

Members of iEARN Sierra Leone have been featured on The MY HERO Project web site. MY HERO is proud to share the stories and art work of the members of iEARN Sierra Leone with teachers and children in schools around the world. Andrew Greene, Jr. is featured as a Teacher and Peacemaker Hero .

The ART WORK of Tormusa Koroma of Sierra Leone is featured on MY HERO.

The ART WORK of Sheku A. Turay of Sierra Leone is featured on MY HERO.

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What WarChild Canada did for us

IEARN Sierra Leone is fortunate to be a part of a collaborative project with War Child Canada. To learn more, please visit them at

Defence for Children International helped to support iEARN SL in its infancy, long before a physical office space was available.

From the DCI office, Andrew Greene was able to shuttle youths from cybercafe to cybercafe to allow them access to the internet. Founded in 1979 by Matthias Seisay, DCI was later headed by Mohamed Pa-Momo Fofanah (Barrister at Law), who was the Coordinator for three years until his winning of the Reebok Human Rights Award in 2003. Mr. Fofanah recently completed a Masters of Law from Harvard University in the United States and currently sits on iEARN Sierra Leone Board.

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